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I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. We heard Fall 82 from a buds girlfriend in Cleveland that Rory was playing at the Agora. Communications were so poor back then (and Rory was never promoted well) that we had no idea he was playing in our home town and various other venues within easy driving distance. Most of us were Deadheads and road trips were part of life for us. We jumped at the chance to get tix to the show we knew about. Drove to Cleveland and although I have not heard the show since I attended it I remember it as an absolute smoker. The stage was low so I could get right up next to the band. Rory's left hand runs were stunning to behold. The energy he put into a show was phenomenal. I shook his hand at the end. We were so exhausted all four of us fell asleep on I-71 rest stop picnic tables south of Cleveland until a State cop woke us up about 4:30 AM and sent us packing.

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