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Terrific festival, better than any other I attended in Europe or the USA. Rory just smoked, as did Curved Air, Osibisa, Deep Purple, and Juicy Lucy (remember them?). I still have the footprints on my back from when I was stepped on while huddled in my sleeping bag in the wee hours of the morning. I also still have Kurt Loder's fine article on the festival titled "Woodstock on the Rhein" in The Overseas Weekly, Sept. 12, 1971. It says, "Then Roy (sp) Gallagher's new trio tore off some fast, chunky rock tunes and a couple of country blues, one with some nice mandolin." Nice indeed.

Administrator comment: Back in the 70's I knew a few people who tended to confuse Rory Gallagher with Roy Buchannan, both great guitarists, totally different stage presence. I'd love a look at the article you mention, if you ever scan it, can you send me a copy? Milo (milo@shadowplays.com)

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