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Was at both concerts. Ran with a commune of young Germand from Nuestadt on the Rhine. Guess I was the token American GI. Had a 1960 VW that went everywhere. Parked behind the bandstand at Germersheim the day before the concert and left 2 days after. I rember hanging out with a Jet mechanic with 2 stars from a Phantom he wore on his shoulders. Lots of hash and mushrooms. I remember the sky going electrict blue in the afternoon?
At speyer I remember a 'street' that ran through the crowd and hash vendors were all along it. The Germans were mostly there to see Deep Purple and the GIs were there to see Black Sabbath. Purple sucked but when Sabbath came on i remember the moon hanging just behind them and it was perfect!
No trouble at either concert and a blast was had by all!!!!

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