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Nothin' Without the Blues

After "old timer" Rory Gallagher climbs out of the "old time" limousine he enters our trailer in good humor and answers our questions.
Question: Many people want to know, what you have been doing all these years. Have you withdrawn from the Rock Scene?
Gallagher: Actually not. We no longer crisscross the globe doing large tours, but we never stopped working live and in the studio. Our last album, "Defender", was over a year ago and now we are busy with the new one.
Question: Is the Blues still a strong element in your music?
Gallagher: Naturally, there is always the Blues. There is also Jazz and Folk influence in my music, and at home I play all kinds of music, but we come back again and again to people such as Muddy Waters or Elmore James.
Question: What does Ireland and your hometown Cork mean to you?
Gallagher: I live and work in London, but I need to go regularly over to the island. We've been busy however, and it's been eight months since we were there last.
Question: How is it when you play in Northern Ireland? Does it have any political significance?
Gallagher: No, the religious divisiveness is not there once the show starts. Catholics and Protestants come to see me, and they only want to hear Rock music and nothing from politics and civil war.
Question: What will Rory Gallagher do next?
Gallagher: For the moment, I hope to put on a good concert. When we are in London again, we want to finish the new album.