Walkin' Blues
Walkin' Blues

Covers of Robert Johnson's "Walkin' Blues"

It is no secret that many contemporary rock and blues musicians have "borrowed" from the old time blues musicians. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, than certainly the old delta blues musicians from the early 1900's must be highly regarded. I thought it would be interesting to hear how various artists over the years have interpreted Robert Johnson's famous "Walkin' Blues". Click on the picture of any of the artists above, to hear a short audio clip of their version of the song, as well as a short biography of each artist. If your browser supports "Quicktime" .mov files, the clip will automatically play once loaded in the browser. If the clips do not play you can click on the link in each biography to download a .wav file of that clip. Below are the words to "Walkin' Blues"

Walkin' Blues

I woke up this mornin' feelin' round for my shoes
Know 'bout 'at I got these old walkin'blues,
Woke up this mornin' feelin' round oh, for my shoes
But you know 'bout 'at I got these old walkin blues

Lord I, feel like blowin' my woh-old lonesome home
Got up this mornin', my little Bernice was gone,
Lord I feel like blow-oon' my lonesome home
Well, I got up this mornin' woh-all I had was gone

Well-ah leave this morn' if I have to woh, ride the blind,
I've feel mistreated and I don't mind dyin'
Leavin' this morn', ah I have to ride a blind
Babe, I been mistreated baby, and I don't mind dyin'

Well some people tell me that the worried blues ain't bad
Worst old feelin' I most ever had
Some people tell me that these old worried old blues ain't bad
It's the worst old feelin' I most ever had

She got a Elgin movement from her head down to her toes
Break in on a dollar most anywhere she goes,oooooo
To her head down to her toes (Oh honey)
Lord, she break in on a dollar most anywhere she goes

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