Bottom Line --February 8, 1976
Bottom Line --February 8, 1976

Opening its doors in 1974, the Bottom Line has hosted its share of talented acts on the club circuit. From it's opening act of Dr. John to its up and coming birthday bash with Al Cooper, the Bottom Line has consistantly given the New York Area a class act. They also hosted their first Rory Gallagher tribute show in the fall of 2002.
   Owned by Allan Pepper and Stanley Snadowsky, the Bottom Lines run of 30 years made it one of the longest running clubs ever. The late, rock concert promoter Bill Graham ("Uncle Bobo") once said that, "The Bottom Line had become as important in New York City as the Fillmore stage in terms of an artist's career." Sadly, the club closed it's doors for the last time on January 22, 2004 after the club was unable to come to a financial arrangement with its landlord, New York University.
  So turn back the pages to a cold February evening in 1976, and sit back as Rory takes you through the changes in his first visit to the Bottom Line. The place is packed to the gills and the crowd is on their feet. You won't want to miss the encore as Rory sings out at the end of Bullfrog Blues,
"Wanna feel fine, I want to feel fine... Get on down to the Bottom Line."

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