Offenburg's Oberrheinhalle --January 16, 1982
Offenburg's Oberrheinhalle --January 16, 1982

Offenburg, Germany, the city "between Rhein and vine" lies nestled in the hills of wine country, 12 miles southeast of Strasbourg, and at the foot of the Middle Black Forest. "In no other country, the sun shines brighter and the sky is bluer than here between the River Rhine and the vineyards."--Goethe This quaint german town is the cultural and business center of the region, and a popular tourist destination. It is also the birthplace of German democracy, for it was here in Offenburg in 1847, at the Salmenn Inn,

that the "Resolute Friends of the Constitution" gathered and authored the "13 demands" or Bill of Rights that would be the cornerstone of the nascent democracy.
  It was the place to be on this night, January 16, 1982, when Rory took the stage at the Oberrheinhalle for a festival sponsored by SWF 3, the pop radio station for the former Southwest Broadcasting station (Südwestfunk). Built in 1962 the ediface has seen its better days and is currently undergoing reconstruction to make it the centerpiece for a Offenburger Cultural Revival.   So sit back as Rory delights the crowd of 5,000 strong and takes a sleepy town in Germany by storm. This boot has my favorite version of "Philby", an excellant "Tattooed Lady" as well as a brief radio interview.


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