Taste Live in Stockholm
Taste Live in Stockholm

This month's "Boot of the Month" is The Taste's performance at the Stockholm Konserthuset on September 18, 1970. Below is a write-up for a previous appearance by Rory at the Konserthuset in 1979.

Stockholm is a wonderful cosmopolitan city built on 14 islands that are part of an archipelago containing thousands of islands stretching onward to the Baltic Sea. Over 300 bridges span the waterways that criss-cross the city and for that reason it is often called the "Venice of the North". It is the childhood home of Alfred Nobel, Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, and a regular playground for the european rich and famous. The city also can boast the illustrious Stockholm Konserthuset, where on the the tenth of each December, the Nobel prizes are awarded.

Built in 1926, the Konserhuset is a grecian style concert hall designed by architect, Ivar Tengborn who was looking to build "a musical temple not far from the Arctic Circle." The young professor of architecture's vision of a "musical temple" won the competition put forth by the Stockholm Concert Society to find a home for its newly ensembled Stockholm Orchestra.
  "His grand vision was to erect a classical Greek temple to the honour of music facing the market stalls of Hötorget" -- last.fm

No polar icecap will prevent Rory from warming up the Stockholm crowd, and while Nobel can claim credit for the invention of dynamite, it is Rory who provides the pyrotechnics on this chilly night in October at the Konserthuset. Playing before a sell-out crowd of 2500, Rory puts on a dazzling display of virtuosity that would have merited his own Nobel Prize. So pop a few fiskbullar in your mouth and come to the bright blue concert hall in the center of town as Rory gives "Stockholm his Calling Card."


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