Wiesbaden Rockpalast --May 6, 1979
Wiesbaden Rockpalast --May 6, 1979

Situated on the north bank of the Rhein, Wiesbaden is the capital of Hessen, one of 16 federal states of Germany established at the end of the second World War. It's history can be traced back 2000 years to the discovery by the Romans of its invigorating, thermal springs. The Roman fort "Aquae Mattiacorum" (latin for "Waters of the Mattiaci") was erected over these springs in 8 AD. After the defeat of the Romans by the Teutons, it prospered as a trading post for the germanic tribes, and became known as "Wisibada". The success of the springs and spas transformed the former Roman outpost into a world health spa resort. Nestled between the Taunus hills and the Rhein, Wiesbaden has been called the "Nice of the North" for it's balmy temperatures and international flavor.

Rory performed at the annual May Festival (Mai Festspiele) in Wiesbaden on the 6th of May, 1979 and the show was videotaped for the German Rock Concert program, Rockpalast. The Maifestspiele is the second oldest theater festival in Germany. It was inaugurated by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1896 and evolved into an eclectic mix of music, dance, and poetry across various venues in the city. In 1979, the festival coordinators decided to add a Rock Show into the mix and chose Rory Gallagher to headline the event with Frankie Miller in support. The concert took place at the Rhein-Main-Halle, a 4,000 seat assembly building built in 1957.

One of the concert's highlights is a jam session finale with ex-Jude singer,Frankie Miller, who was one of the leaders of the scottish "tartan soul invasion" of America in the early 70's along with Rod Stewart and Maggie Bell. The widow of Otis Redding once remarked "that little ole white boy Frankie, has the the blackest voice since Otis." Frankie and Rory do several raucous renditions of such classics as; Walkin' the Dog, Sea Cruise, and Rollover Beethoven. The crowd hoping for the night to never end.

This is Rory Gallagher's 3rd appearance on the German Rockpalast Show. Three years after his fantastic studio performance in Cologne, and two years after his electrifying performance at the first live Rockpalast concert in Essen, Rory returns once again to the Rockpalast program and shows why he is the only five time performer in the history of the show. So head on over to the "other side of the river" to the town of Wiesbaden, where Rory is ready to turn up the heat and bring those thermal springs to a boil.

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