Jun 14 2009

Cowtown Ballroom … Sweet Jesus!

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A documentary about the legendary Cowtown Ballroom has been released to DVD following a successful run of shows at the Tivoli Theatre. Included in the documentary are several minutes worth of Rory Gallagher’s incredible performance there on March 24, 1974. Despite the relatively poor quality of the film footage found of Rory’s performance at the Ballroom from over 35 years ago, the small video clip of the Irish blues/rock legend included in the documentary is an incredible look at Rory and his band at their very best.

“Cowtown Ballroom … Sweet Jesus,” is a loving look at KC’s “hometown contribution” to 70’s rock ‘n roll. The rock’n roll venue lasted just 3 short years but hosted a wide variety of music and comedy acts during its time; including Van Morrison, Steve Martin, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and Rory Gallagher. It was also the springboard for such local talent as Brewer & Shipley, and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The shows were broadcast to over 40 different markets in the U.S., and even found its way to London, England. The film is directed and produced by Joe Heyen, president of the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City. Joe has produced over 300 films and multimedia projects and does an excellent job of taking us back to an almost forgotten time of head shops, flower power, the Women’s Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War.

The new documentary “Cowtown Ballroom … Sweet Jesus” (opening today at the Tivoli) is a big fat valentine to those days of long hair, bell bottoms, anti-war protests, and consciousness-expanding recreation. — Robert Butler, Kansas City Star

  • You can purchase the DVD, HERE.
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