Aug 05 2008

Picture Galleries

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Harpos Theatre -- June 8, 1985

Rory Gallagher at Harpos Theatre in Detroit, Michigan on June 8, 1985

Ulster Hall - January 6, 1984

Rory Gallagher at Ulster Hall - Belfast, N.Ireland

Yubinchokin Hall - January 23, 1974

Rory Gallagher at Yubinchokin Hall - January 23, 1974

Miscellaneous Pictures

miscellaneous pictures of Rory

Newcastle City Hall

Photos by deadheaduk taken at the Newcastle City Hall - April 11, 1978

Cowtown Ballroom 1974

Photos taken by Mark Clevenger at the Cowtown Ballroom Kansas City, MO -- March 24, 1974

Cow Palace

Rory Gallagher at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, California October 9, 1973 Photos by Dan Cuny

Erie County Field House - 1976

Photos of Rory Gallagher performing at the Erie County Field House on February 6, 1976. Photos taken by Brian Jahn.

Ripley Music Hall - 1982

Ripley Music Hall - Philadelphia, PA - September 29, 1982 - photos by Jon "slipkid" Hahn

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2 Responses to “Picture Galleries”

  1. fidelma clearyon 03 Apr 2012 at 6:29 pm

    i have uncovered a photo of rory ,late 70’s,in a book i purchased in 1980.its a great picture 12″ x8″ approx.

    I haven’t seen this picture anywhere …

    [shadowplays: sounds great. you can scan and send it for the gallery if you like.]

  2. Mick Morrisseyon 02 Apr 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Fidelma.

    I would love to see a copy of that photo please, if you can scan it and send it to me I would be delighted. I’m a huge Rory fan.

    Thanks a mill,


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