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  • Robin Sylvester: Born in 1950 Post War London, Robin spent much of his youth singing with the London Boy Singers, a professional boys’ choir patronized by distinguished composer Benjamin Britten. The choir performed regularly at Covent Gardens, and even made an album of Christmas music at famed Abbey Road Studios. Although now primarily known as a bass player, Robin also plays keyboard and guitar. By the time he turned 15 he was playing double bass in a Jazz band called, the David Lund Trio, and then later, the folk-rock band ORA. In 1969 he started working as chief engineer at London’s Tangerine Studios, and for the next 5 years worked closely with some of the finest up and coming Jazz, Progressive Rock, and Blues bands of Great Britain — none finer, at least in this writer’s view, than Ireland’s favorite son, Rory Gallagher. Read the interview here: Rory Days: An Interview With Robin Sylvester
  • Jacques Stotzem Jacques Stotzem is an acoustic fingerstyle guitar player from Verviers, Belgium. Using fingerpicks on the thumb and two fingers of the right hand, his ability to transform electric guitar classics such as U2’s “With or Without You,” Radiohead’s “No Surprises” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” is down right amazing. And nowhere does he shine more than in his interpretation of Rory Gallagher’s “Moonchild”. Recently I had a chance to ask Jacques a few questions about his admiration for the late, great, Irish legend, Rory Gallagher. Read the short interview here: Jacques Stotzem: Playing Rory Gallagher Unplugged
  • Elliot Mazer: To call Elliot Mazer a famous record producer is like calling the grass green or the sky blue. While true, it doesn’t begin to do justice to the many other things he has accomplished in his 40 plus years in the music industry. Although he is most noted for having produced albums for such music icons as Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, and Janis Joplin, he has also been instrumental in bringing to the industry important innovations such as “D-Zap” – a device for musicians and recording personnel that detects shock hazards, and the AirCheck monitoring system, which automates the identification of songs and commercial jingles on radio and television. Recently I had the opportunity to ask Elliot a bit about his incredible career and in particular his work with legendary Irishman, Rory Gallagher. Read the interview here: Wheels Within His Master’s Wheels: An Interview with Elliot Mazer.
  • Barry Barnes: They may not have been the very first band to pay homage to Irish legend Rory Gallagher, and they certainly won’t be the last, but Barry Barnes and Sinnerboy are regarded by many of the Gallagher faithful to be the ultimate in tribute bands. His band has played all over the world, and his annual tribute show in England is the longest running Rory Gallagher tribute festival in the world. Recently I had a chance to ask Barry about his life on the road, and his unceasing promotion of Rory’s music. Read the interview here: Take That Sinner Boy Home: An Interview with Barry Barnes.
  • Daniel Gallagher: News of Sony Music’s re-release of Rory Gallagher’s first six solo albums created quite a stir in the Rory fan community. I recently got the opportunity to interview Daniel Gallagher, Rory’s nephew and producer of the remastered albums for a small article I was doing for Rock Cellar Magazine. Read the complete, unexpurgated version of the interview here: Riding the Crest of the Rory Wave: An Interview with Daniel Gallagher
  • Mick Clarke: Blues guitarist Mick Clarke began his career with the band KILLING FLOOR, part of the British blues boom of the late 60s. One of the original members of the group was Lou Martin, who went on to play piano for legendary Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher. With the 3rd year anniversary of Lou’s passing fast approaching, I got the chance to talk with Mick about those times and his fond memories of a great piano man and great friend, Lou Martin. Read the interview here: In memory of Lou: Mick Clarke talks about the late Lou Martin
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  1. kingpossumon 18 Dec 2009 at 7:08 am

    Happy Holidays Milo! I’ve lost your email addy so I chose to wish you the best here. Thanks as always for your many years of carrying the flag for Rory and keeping us followers immersed in the sounds of that blistering Strat!

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