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Articles, interviews, short stories, and other writings dealing with Rory Gallagher

  • What in the World: Reading Rory Gallagher’s Blues  Essay written by Eamonn Wall that was delivered as the first Lawrence W. McBride Lecture for the American Conference for Irish Studies. The article was published in the Fall/Winter edition of An Sionnach in 2005. Read the essay here: What in the World: Reading Rory Gallagher’s Blues
  • The Ghost of Rory Gallagher  Short story written by Jim Fusilli and deals with an unrepentant white collar criminal who is finally laid low by his obsession with Rory Gallagher bootlegged recordings. The idea for the story came from a chance attendance at a Rory Gallagher tribute night at New York’s Bottom Line Cabaret in 2002. Read the short story here: The Ghost of Rory Gallagher
  • Dark Side of the Sun  Interview of Donal Gallagher by Garth Cartwright for the London Sunday Times. Read the article here: Dark Side of the Sun
  • My Brother Rory Interview of Donal Gallagher by Brian Robbins published in the 20th Anniversary Issue of the music magazine Hittin’ the Note. Read Part One here: My Brother Rory Part One and Part Two here: My Brother Rory Part Two
  • They Don’t Make Them Like Rory Anymore…  Sue Ashcroft interviews Donal Gallagher for Fireworks Magazine. Read the interview here: They Don’t Make Them Like Rory Anymore
  • The Bridge House  Former proprietor of the famous pub, The Bridge House, regales readers with stories of rock bands who played at his pub including Rory Gallagher who comes in to the bar for a bit of a jam. Read the pages from the book concerning Rory here: The Bridge House, Canning Town — Memories of a Legendary Rock & Roll Hangout by Terence Murphy.
  • Waterloo Interview  Bob Dorr, music director and announcer for KUNI in Cedar Falls, Iowa interviewed Rory Gallagher backstage at the Conway Civic Center in Waterloo, Iowa. Read the transcript or listen to the interview here: Did Rory Gallagher Meet his Match in Waterloo?
  • My Roots are Showing  Spencer Leigh has been broadcasting on BBC Radio Merseyside for over 35 years. In 1987 Spencer Leigh had the opportunity to interview Irish legend Rory Gallagher prior to his show at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool. You can read the interview here: My Roots are Showing
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