May 30 2009

Rory Gallagher Around the Web — May 2009

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The latest Rory Gallagher mentions on the World Wide Web:

  • Going To My Hometown   Much of the talk about Rory Gallagher this month on the World Wide Web has been about the Irish festivals in honor of the irish guitar legend. This weekend the seventh annual festival in Ballyshannon, the birthplace of Rory Gallagher, commences. This festival has become the largest festival in Ireland, and this year’s festival will surely continue that proud tradition. “Hotlips & Chilli Fingers” featuring Chris Newman, “Shinkicker,” and the “DAVE McHUGH BAND” headline the festival. Over thirty performing acts will appear in Ballyshannon over the course of the 4-day event.

  •    Cork Rocks for Rory   Following in the wake of the 4-day Ballyshannon festival, it will be Cork’s turn to celebrate Rory’s music. While Ballyshannon is the birthplace of Rory Gallagher, Cork is where he grew up. The 2-day festival will be held on the 5th and 6th of June at the Triskel Arts Centre. Headlining the event will be “Remember Rory”, “Dave McHugh Band,” “Bullfrog Taste Express,” and “Remember Rory”.
  • Gig of the Week has named the Ballyshannon Festival as the “Gig of the Week” in their most recent offering, beating out Beyonce at the O2 in Dublin for honors. Skylarkin talks about why he for one will be journeying to Ballyshannon over the weekend instead of going to see “Jay Z’s missus “.
  • Rock On    Ballyshannon resident, Aideen, talks about the hordes of Rory fanatics that descend upon her town during the week of the festival.
  • The Beat Below the Street   Journalist, Steve McGookin, talks about growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the 1970s, and the melting pot of musical influences that marked the embattled city. Steve talks a bit about seeing Rory Gallagher at the Ulster Hall during those times.   “Another regular Belfast concert experience was Rory Gallagher, who was simply head and shoulders above every other guitar player I’d ever seen. He’d play the Ulster Hall every year between Christmas and New Year and his shows were always exhausting, exhilarating and inspiring.”
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